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Unmodernised Property or Structural Issues

Like anything in life, if left alone or unattended it stands a chance of being damaged either intentionally or through general wear and tear. Property damages tend to have big repair bills attached to them along with many other unearthed problems.

We regularly get contacted by home owners who have property which require large refurbishments and need modernisation.

These types of property generally do not attract buyers through estate agent or other traditional means, therefore your market place is limited.

As professionals who come across different properties every day we can look past all the "unmodernised work" which your property will need and see the building for what it really is.

For the majority of our visits we can determine the costs of works ourselves but we might need to get quotes if we are not quite clear on the damages or if you have structural issues.

We might be able to give you advice on the best ways to sell your unmodernised property or structurally damaged property in this climate.


Does your company have contracting and construction background?

YES - a few of our partners are architect, interior designers, contractors and surveyors who are very well qualified and experienced to be able to give a straight answer on any issues we might find.

My property is not safe and has serious structural issues, will you still consider buying it?

YES - because we have access to cash reserves we are not depended on mortgages which many of our competitors are. We will look at various different angles to what we can do with your property. This will all be dependent on the property itself.

Do you need to have an internal viewing or have an internal survey?

No - we can make decisions without gaining internal access, however we do prefer to gain internal viewings.

My property has been termed "un-mortgageable" can you guys still buy it?

Yes - we come across "un-mortgageable property" on a daily basis, and since we buy for cash we can buy your "un-mortgageable property"

How soon can you purchase my property?

This will be based on a few factors, if your property is freehold and has a clean title we can exchange and complete straight away.

Best thing to do is give us a call on 020 7610 5566 to discuss all the available options on your property. Or fill out an application form.

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