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Protected Tenancy

Protected tenancy, registered tenancies, sitting tenants, regulated tenancies, life tenants, statutory tenancies, purchased instantly for CASH.

If you have a tenanted property which came into effect between before 15 January 1989 your tenant will be protected by the Rent Act of 1977. This occurred when an agreed rent of more than one year was registered with the local council and rent increases was not kept in line with inflation of the private rental market.

Succession is also granted on these tenancies to the tenants spouse or someone living as husband and wife. If no such person exists then a member f the tenants family who has been living with them for at least two years immediately before death will be able to succeed to an assured tenancy, it is worth noting there can only be two successions.

These properties are virtually impossible to sell and only suit a particular type of investor such as ourselves. No Banks or lenders will lend against sitting tenant properties but since we are cash buyers we buy protected tenancies in a matter of days.

We do not need to view your property and will never speak to you tenant unless you give us permission to do so.

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