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Property Portfolios

Property Portfolios

Many investors have over the year built up both healthy and unhealthy property portfolios.

The two main reasons for portfolios going bust are:

1)      Too much borrowing/debt (highly geared)

2)      Bad management

Typically our clients have suffered from both of these situations.

We specialise in re-structuring debt and allowing the properties to have a better internal rate of return through effective management.

Holding on to properties are not always the best solution for many investors and sometimes the emotional burden and stress is enough for many people to suffer from nervous breakdowns.

Property portfolios can have a negative and toxic impact on your business and personal balance sheet especially if you have little or no equity, however we still have potential solutions for you.

It also tend to be that if you start missing payments with one property perhaps due to having tenant arrears or major un-expected cost comes into place then like a set of dominoes it will ripple throughout the whole portfolio, and before you know it you are in arrears across your whole portfolio holdings.

If you have a problem portfolio and you want some free no obligation advice then please call us on 020 7610 5566 or contact us with the form to your right.

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