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We will buy all of your buildings.

Are you property developer who wants to sell your units? Many of our team come from a development background so we speak your language. If you have empty units sitting on your books right now, then we will help you easily and quickly dispose your stock because we are backed by a number of cash rich backers. Our set-up allows us to purchase your development property quickly, allowing you to start your next development or simply  focus on whatever's next in your life.

The new build market has become very tough as lenders have dropped their LTVs significantly which means you need buyers with larger deposits and in this credit crunched market finding buyers with large deposits is proving more and more difficult.

Big and Small: We have recently helped a small scale developer who had a 3 bedroom terrace in Islington he'd converted it into two two bedders, right up to a large PLC listed developer with multiple units which they needed to get rid of in a hurry.

Many developers we are dealing with did not expect the market to drop so suddenly, meaning they will not be able to generate as much return as expected. We might be able to offer you a number of solutions - but until you speak to us, we cannot help you.

To find out if we can - call us on 020 7610 5566 or fill out an enquiry form.

Property Developers FAQ

What size lots of developments are you able to help me sell?

We can assist in all sizes, as mentioned we have access to cash which allows us to be able to offer tailor made solutions to all various different sizes of developments.

How do you value my developments?

We will typically use qualified RICS surveyors to give us independent valuations. But as you can appreciate we are not end buyers so we will not be paying premiums for your development. Also we either know or can work out the price per sq ft in most areas in London and can make you an offer accordingly, however saying that we also appreciate that there is a lot more to this formula which we can discuss in more detail either at your site or in our office.

A real advantage will be if you have architect floor plans, and also any planning and building regs documents.

What is the next step if I want to sell my developments to you?

Please give us a call on 020 7610 5566 or fill out an enquiry form

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