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Selling Probate Property

If you have recently been put in the unfortunate circumstance of handling the estate or property of a loved one, we offer a quick hassle free solution to help reduce the emotional stress which you are going through.

We understand that your lost friend or relative will be at the forefront of your thoughts, we can also appreciate that you do not want to deal with legal and financial matters revolving around your loss. We can offer you a free valuation and make you a cash offer to quickly sell your property.

The sale will be 100% confidential and no "Sold" boards will be put up if requested.

From experience we realise that probate properties will generally require modernisation, and the party who is responsible for the probate sale tends to live far away from the actual property itself making the management difficult.

Probate property can mean dealing with lying estate agents, wasting time with lots of viewings, paying out fees, having nosey neighbours peering into your personal business- all of this can be avoided by selling directly for cash to us. Fill out an Enquiry Form Here

Probate/Bereavement FAQ

How long does a sale take?

The sale process will vary on a few factors, typically we exchange and complete at the same time and time frames vary from 1- 7 days. Also if the property is a leasehold property we will have the to wait for the relevant paperwork from the freeholders and managing agents. However we can recommend solicitors who are very efficient and can move very fast to represent you on all legal matters.

What if I am facing a contested will?

We will work alongside you and can offer a good team of solicitors who can effectively help and advice you on probate matters. A contested will can delay the sale process however we will make this process as quick and hassle free for you as possible.

Does the condition of the property matter?

No, not at all. To date we have never come across a probate property that doesn't need some work done to it.

How quickly can you view the property?

We can arrange viewing in as little as a few hours from our initial phone call.

What do I need to do next?

Either call us on 020 7610 5566 or fill out an Enquiry Form Here.

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