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New Builds and Off-Plan Property

Did you purchase overpriced new builds either completed or off-plan? The property marketed had an over run boom and this had led to many property and investor clubs selling bad investments to innocent misinformed investors. A lot of these companies had very slick marketing tactics and many of these companies have either been put into administration or have been stopped due to their fraudulent activity.

Often was the case that they will contact a property developer and sell off the developers units at inflated prices while offering a "discount" which once taken off the gross price still did not reflect the true market value of the property.

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Recently we have come across a lot of investors who have built up a property portfolio in a short space of time which they cannot sell any more due to negative equity. Also to make matters worse the rents which was first promised have dropped dramatically causing the low yields to become even lower and most of the time negative.

If you have any new build properties and you want advice to see what your options are, then please contact us on 0207 603 5367 or fill out an application form.

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