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Landlords Selling Investment Property

Being a landlord is an expensive full time job for many people. The media in the boom times had promoted a rosy picture of being involved in property, but we both know being a landlord has a lot of headaches i.e. management issues, changes in the law, tenant arrears and demands etc.

Many landlords cannot plan for unexpected events. If you was planning your rental property to give you around £200 per calendar month gross profit (£2400 per annum) and all of a sudden you have a packed up boiler, voids, unexpected maintenance charge, new legislation certificate, change in interests rates, letting agent renewal fee etc, all of these can mount to a huge bill and can put you in a difficult financial position, especially across multiple properties.

We can offer to buy your investment properties from you.  We can even purchase them at different times to help you with your tax liabilities. 

It could be that you have had your investment property for a very long time and it has served its purpose and you just want to get rid of it. We can assist you in the fast completion of it. We recently came across an investor who bought several flats in Maida Vale (W9) however he bought the flats in 1978, he had also not remortgaged the flats once since he bought them therefore having nearly 95% equity, we assisted in purchasing the apartments at a discount because the vendor wanted someone to genuinely just purchase the property without wasting any time.

By calling us 020 7610 5566 you can find out if we can help you or by filling out an application form.

Investment Property FAQ

I have problem tenants. Will you still buy my property?

YES - in the past we have completed on properties without having to gain an internal viewing however we do prefer to conduct an internal viewing for obvious reasons. We have also dealt with non-paying trouble tenants in the past. What we will need to know from you is the tenure of the tenants:  Assured Shorthold tenancy (AST), protected, regulated tenancies etc. Also we would want the history of the problems so we can take over the problem.

What type of properties do you buy?

We buy all sorts of properties, from houses to flats, to commercial and land.

Can I go direct to an estate agent?

Off course you can, but having any rental/investment property will automatically limit your market. Also if you instruct an agent, most of the time they will contact us about your property and this could mean that you will pay unnecessary fees to the agent and waste a lot of time.

 My property is in bad condition, will you still consider it?

We have never come across an investment property which does not need any work done to it. We are property professional and look past dirty walls, cracks on the tiles, stained carpets and damaged roof.

How will I know whether you can buy my property?

By speaking to one of our advisors, please call us on 020 7610 5566 or  fill out an application form.

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