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Selling Due to Ill Health

Ill health can greatly impact every area of our life. It tends to have a knock on effect and affect not only us but those most nearest to us such as family. In some cases living in your property can cause you more discomfort and difficulty then you had expected.

Owning property has an ongoing maintenance and service cost which you will be responsible to pay for. Also it might be more suitable for you to move and live closer to family or with your family. For some people it might even be better to release the equity in your home and live in a private nursing care home. Only you and the ones who love you the most will know what is best for your circumstances.

In the past we have had examples of people who we brought their property quickly because they wanted to free up equity to go abroad and get private medical care.

Most importantly we can work around your circumstance which is the biggest benefit of selling your house to us. Please call us on 020 7610 5566 or fill out an application form

Ill Health FAQ

I want to free up money right now for an operation, can you help me?

YES - if there is sufficient equity in your house we can purchase it for cash in days, allowing you free up equity and using the money for your operations etc.

I am waiting to be put into a care home, however I want to secure a sale before I go, can you help me?

YES we can, we can exchange on your property and complete when your place in your care home becomes available.

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