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Freehold Ground Rents Bought for Cash

We have separate arm which acquires freehold grounds rents across the UK but mainly focused in London.

We normally get contacted by developers or vendors who have inherited freehold ground rents.

If you want to sell your ground rents by law you need to offer it first to your lessees, they need to have the "first right of refusal". We can advice and handle the process of the section 5 notices which must be served.

Only after two months have elapsed from the receipt of these notices by your lessees then you can you legally dispose of your ground rents.

We recommend that you let us handle this, because it does require delicate wording and processes that if you try to do by yourself and get wrong you can be liable in the future.

Please call us on 020 7610 5566 to discuss the sale of your freehold ground rent.

Or submit your information on the right for one of our advisors to call you back.

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