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Downsize Your Property

Selling your property can help you downsize not only in terms of space but also stress and other debts. It can help you reduce your monthly outgoings and raise cash.

There are many reasons why you wish to downsize your property, in the past our clients who had wished to downsize done so due to old age, death in the family, debts to high, ill health etc.

The reason for downsizing various according to your circumstances and we will work towards helping you reach the best solution.

By arranging a quick cash sale of your property you can quickly move to a smaller property and downsize your life and property.

Why not see if we can advice you on your quickest routes to downsizing. Call us for a friendly chat on 020 7610 5566.

Downsizing FAQ

Do you consider properties in any condition?

YES - we buy all types of properties, even if your property is termed "un-mortgageable" then we can still buy it because we are can purchase your property for genuine cash.

My children have all gone to university or have moved on, my house is too big for me, but I do not want to move - what can you do?

In pass we have helped clients such as you to move by offering various free services. For example we helped negotiate the purchase of another home from our client and even helped with the removals of their belongings.

Yes, I want to downsize what shall I do?

Gives us a call on 020 7610 5566 or fill out an application form and we will do the rest for you.

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