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Selling Due to Divorce or Seperation

Divorce and selling a house can be two of the most stressful times for anyone. Unfortunately sometimes couples have to go through both of them at the same time. We cannot help you in all your problems but one burden we can take off your chest is the quick sale of your house. If you need a quick sale on your property due to divorce or separation than we can assist you .

We will always recommend trying to amicably sell your house via the traditional route of estate agents, and you should use a company like us if you have to sell in days rather than months.

One of the major benefits of selling your house quickly through us, is we can give you control over timescales and offer flexible arrangements to suit your needs. Fitting completions and exchanges around court commitments has proven invaluable to our clients.

Divorce or Separation FAQ

Do I need my (ex)partner to agree the sale?

This depends on a few factors which both your solicitor will know and so will ours. If both names are on the title deeds than you both parties will need to agree the sale, unless one party has granted power of authority or a judge has forced the sale.

How will the funds be separated?

This depends on the legal proceedings between you and your partner. We cannot directly advice on such matters but can point you to the direction of firms which can. All we can assure you is that we will 100% upfront and transparent about the transaction.

Can you guide me on Ancillary relief issues?

We have firm knowledge on the law but we are in no way qualified to advice on such matters. As mentioned earlier your best option is to speak to a solicitor who specialises in family law.

What can you do to help me now?

If you give us a call we will happily listen to your situation and try to deem what is best for your situation. Call us on 020 7610 5566 to speak to one of our advisors or fill out an application form.

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