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Chain Break

Quick Sale Due To Broken Chain

A housing chain can be very unpredictable and often leaves the people in the chain in "limbo", since you do not know when your move will be, or whether your move will even occur at all.

It is getting common for people who are stuck in a chain to be gazundered and a buyer in the chain demands a discount and it can risk the whole chain collapsing.

Selling to cash buyers like us, can remove the worry, risk and uncertainty that a buyer will fall out of the chain. You can also move at a convenient time which you have a strong element of control on, this will help you plan and organise your new move.

In the past many vendors have used us as a "plan b" in case there buyer pulled out in which case we will step in and amend the chain. Since we are cash buyers this puts you in a stronger position to get discount off the property you are purchasing.

It is worth noting that you will not get a full market value offer for your property, but you will get speed and assurance of a sale which sometimes has more value than monetary cash, especially if you want move into your new dream home.

If you need your property chain amended please call us on 020 7610 5566 or fill out an enquiry form

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