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Who We Can Help

New Builds

The property marketed had an over run boom and led to many property and investor clubs selling bad investments to innocent misinformed investors... > Selling New Builds

Relocation & Emigration

Moving abroad? We can (unlike estate agents) assure you of timelines and we'll be able to tell you straight away about completion, exchange and moving dates... > Selling Due to Relocation

Investment Property

Being a landlord can have many pitfalls, sometimes severe enough to hcause you to sell your investment property. If you need a quick sale we can help...  > Selling Investment Property

Unmodernised Property / Structural Issues

We regularly get contacted by home owners who have property which require large refurbishments and need modernisation... > Selling Unmodernised Property / Structural Issues

Divorce or Seperation

We can give you control over timescales and offer flexible arrangements to suit your needs. Fitting completions and exchanges around court commitments has proven invaluable to our clients... > Selling Due to Divorce or Seperation

Financial Difficulty

Do you find yourself always running out of money and struggling to make ends meet? Is there more month at the end of the money? We can help find a solution...
> Selling Due to Financial Difficulty

Ill Health

If you need to sell your property quickly due to ill health or sickness we have the resources and expereince to help you... > Selling Due to Ill Health

Probate / Bereavement

Probate can mean dealing with potentially drawn out Estate Agent sale process. Our service means reducing time and hassle as well as offering support services like probate solicitors... > Selling Due to Probabte or Bereavement

Commercial Property

Commercial property is a different language to residential and we have the experience and expertise to assess and acquire your building or business quickly...
> Selling Commercial Property

Property Portfolios

Holding on to properties are not always the best solution for investors. If you have suffered from the downturn, poor portfolio management or from highly geared borrowing and need to sell quickly click here... > Selling Portfolio Property


By arranging a quick cash sale of your property you can quickly move to a smaller property and downsize your life and property.. > Selling Due to Downsizing

Slow Market/Not Selling

The credit crunch is real and the effects on property owners has been, and can be incredibly frustrating. That's where we can step in and help you progress with your plans to move... > Slow Market / Property Not Selling Help

Property Developers

It's a natural part of property development but the damages caused can be massively reduced by speaking to us as soon as possible. We are experts as providing quick practical solutions... > Selling Development Property

Short Lease Flats Bought For Cash

Since we are cash buyers we can buy short lease properties in London quickly for cash. This is the only option to some people since most buyers are dependent on mortgages... > Short Lease Flats Bought

Protected Tenancy

No Banks or lenders will lend against sitting tenant properties but since we are cash buyers we buy protected tenancies in a matter of days... > Selling Due to Protected Tenancy

Freehold Ground Rents

We have separate arm which acquires freehold grounds rents across the UK and mainly focused in London.... > Freehold Ground Rents

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