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Repossession Overview

Repossession Overview

Going through a repossession procedure can be a very upsetting and distressing time. However, we have many years experience in stopping repossessions and we know the repossession system inside out. Both banks/lenders and freeholders can apply to the courts to repossess a property which can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. The facts and information we have presented is geared more towards banks repossessing as this is more common.

The repossession process is a good guide to the build up prior to court. Banks have a set legal structure on how they must act towards you as a defendant and you can avoid a lot of the stresses  if you apply some of the suggestions in the repossession process.

From experience there are a few likely outcomes when you attend court. To get a better understanding of these possible outcomes and what they mean to you check out our guide to repossession outcomes.

Over the years many of the same questions get asked by people goig through the repossession process. Chances are there will be some relevent answers to the questions you have now and further down the line... Repossession FAQ

If you have just started to fall into arrears then you can make a few key decisions which can save your home. To get free tips and advice on how this is done click here.... > Repossession Process

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