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Slow Market / Property Not Selling

Due to the current economic climate many vendors and landlords have been unable to sell their properties via estate agents. Also estate agents can give up on your property if it has been on their books for a while.

There can be many reasons why your property is not selling - but currently one of the biggest reasons is that there are hardly any property buyers in the market, and to make matters worse the banks are not lending either, meaning getting mortgages is proving incredibly difficult if not impossible.

This has seriously limited the number of buyers and caused the large scale slow down in the market. BUT, help is at hand...

...more and more homeowners contact us directly in order to secure a sale and get the cash they need to move on.

If you are currently in a position in which your property is not selling and you want to make sure you get a sale agreed call us now on 020 7610 5566 or fill out an enquiry form.

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