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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I sell my property to you?
A. Either fill out an enquiry form or call us on 020 7610 5566

Q. How much do you charge to view and value my property?
A. We do not charge you anything; there are no fees to pay if we buy your property.

Q. The world is going through a global recession, how can you still buy property?
As a consortium of various UK and Off-shore companies and private overseas investors we are very fortunate to be sitting on large quantities of cash, also our team is well established with various bespoke lenders and having a large resources of cash has allowed us to still do business even in this global recession.

Q. What type of property do you buy?
A. We look at all type of properties irrespective of size and condition. Since we are London property cash buyers we have a good firm understanding of the local markets, therefore we are not really keen on residential property outside of London. However commercial units will be considered outside of London depending on the building and its covenants.

Q. I have mortgage arrears and I am about to be repossessed can you stop the repossession for me?
Not to worry, it is still not too late, but you need act fast, call us immediately to so we can access your options. We can advice you on how to stop the repossession and as a last resort we can will buy your property for cash - our professional services are discreet and confidential.

Q. How quickly do you pay out for my property?
A. This is totally up to you. We typically exchange and complete at the same time since the transactions are very rapid, but some people like to have a fast exchange but with a delayed completion within 3 - 6 weeks so they can organise the sale of their next purchase - however, like we said it's up to you.

Q. So I don't need to leave my property straight away?
Definitely not. We will work around your circumstances and come to an agreeable solution.

Q. How about all the legal work and solicitors?
A. We will pay all your legal fees if you use a solicitor from our wide panel. If you do not have your own solicitor then we can recommend one to you. We do prefer to work with our recommended solicitors because we can assure that the completion will be fast and reliable. If you would like to use your own solicitors then that is fine with us. However if speed is your aim then we highly recommend our own solicitors?

Q. How much will you offer for my property?
A. Because of the many advantages in using our fast cash buying service, we typically offer between 80-85% of the market value of your property. Please consider the time benefits of  this compared to using a traditional estate agent.

See Example Comparison Chart:

Asking price of



Typically you will receive an offer 8% below asking price



Estate agent fees are on average 2% + VAT



Your solicitor fees + VAT



Paying for a Home information Pack



The whole process can take six months where you are still making mortgage payment. Lets assume the outstanding mortgage is £150,000 interest only with no repayments and the rate of interest is 6%. This adds a further cost of:



Total costs so far:



Giving you a final sale price of:



£218,845 represents 87% of the original market price!

If you were to sell to us, you will not pay any estate agent fees, solicitor fees, home information packs and can save thousands on your current outstanding mortgage. Most importantly you will have the piece of mind that you have a definite sale.
In addition, if you are in a chain and are selling your property to purchase a new one, you ultimately become a cash buyer positioning yourself to negotiate a higher level of discount, since you have funds and can move quickly.
Back to our example, if you have an offer agreed of £250,000 on a property valued at £300,000.

You have made a further saving of:



If you take this saving (opportunity cost) into thought the real value of selling via an estate is reduced from £218,845 to



£168,245 represents 67% of the original asking price!

The advantages of selling to cash buyers like can sometimes not be so clear, so this example above can show you the financial benefits to help you make a more wiser and informative decision. However please note the above is simply for illustration purposes only and each individual situation will vary according to their circumstances.

Q. Ok, So what do I need to do now?
A. Just pick up the phone and call us on 0207 610 5566 or or fill out an Enquiry Form and we will call you back. We value your call and will treat it with the utmost level of professionalism. You can speak directly to one of our understanding and skilled advisors, who will work with you so we can come to a win-win solution!

Make the smart choice and give us a call now!

Anything we have not covered please get in touch and we'll answer any question you have

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