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In my business life, I have dealt with countless businesses and authorities, both for myself and on behalf of clients. Dealing with The Best Property Company, and in particular, Robert Soltanie, has been a revelation, in that the standards of integrity and efficiency, have been set at a higher level than I have previously encountered in any business relationship.
I would unhesitatingly recommend The Best Property Company to anyone who was considering the sale of their property. - Mr. M. P. C - London TW11

We were treated very fairly and considering our situation I felt like our concerns were treated courteous and respectable. We did not want our chain to break so therefore the exchange was made in 24 hours as promised and we completed funds in 11 days. I have also recommended my friends and family to their wonderful service. - Mr. T.H.P – London NW4

I was going though a very bitter divorce when I contacted Robert from The Best Property Company. The only dispute that I was not in a mood to deal with was the sale of our house. I was really grateful how understanding he was, and how easy he had made the sale. When you are going through rough times any extra help is nice and any un-necessary burden should be lifted off your chest, I had definitely experienced this thanks to Robert and all the other staff. My life became easier just by giving these guys a call, so should you. Thank you. - Ms. L.R – London NW1

I was in serious arrears when I contacted The Best Property Company, I was days away from repossession when I called, the staff were very supportive and had contacted my mortgage company on my behalf to try to resolve my debts. Luckily I saved my credit history and a roof over my head thanks to The Best Property Company. They as promised brought my property and kept me in as a tenant. My rent is much cheaper then my mortgage so I am happy and so are they, win – win solutions as they said. Be smart call them sooner then I did if you are facing repossessions, do not be an idiot like me and leave all the stress and hassle to the last minute. Thank you once again to The Best Property Company. - Mr. S.A – London W5

Best property company are not only professional but serene and confident with there job. In my enagagemnts with them, it was such breath of fresh air to find them also sensitive to the needs of there clients against the back drop of a great deal of uncertainty. This is a rare quality in this line of work. They are definitely an asset. Mr. Nash - London

Due to unforseen circumstances I ended up in financial difficulties. A friend of mine recommended Best Property Company. My first meeting with Robert Solantie, gave me the hope that there are genuine people in this world who are sincere, and ethical. Robert Solantie was thoroughly knowledgable, gave me a few options when I explained my situation. Once we both agreed the optional choice, Mr Solantie took over from start to finish, always kept me updated and completed a smooth transaction which resulted in a win win situation for both parties.
I have no words to express the professionalism, attention to detail and excellent service provided by Best Property Company as its main aim throughout the trainsition period was to ensure that the result of the outcome was in my favour. I can now get on with my life, without the financial worries, and credit goes to Mr Solantie and his team at Best Property Company. Once again many thanks for all the support and help that you gave me, especially when nobody wanted to help and you became my Guardian Angels! Mrs Maya - London



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